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Haili Wang

Haili Wang, PhD, graduated from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, majoring in Materials Science. Currently, she is a member of the academic committee of Sinoma Crystals, a academic leader of scintillation crystals, a young editor of Journal of Crystals, and a member of the Crystals Technical Committee (CSTM/FC03/TC16) of the Building Materials Field Committee of the Standards Committee of China Materials and Testing Group.

Since she started her work, Haili Wang has been working in the forefront of scientific research, mainly engaged in the research and development of photoelectric functional crystal materials and components. She has completed a number of scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, military equipment and transformation of high-tech achievements of Chaoyang District Electronic City. As the first author, Haili Wang has published more than 20 papers in academic journals at home and abroad, authorized 3 national invention patents, formulated 1 national standard and 1 industry standard.

The project group of Haili Wang is mainly engaged in the research and development of the component design, crystal growth and component fabrication of cerium-doped lanthanum bromide and cerium-doped gadolinium gallium aluminum garnet scintillation crystal. Cerium-doped lanthanum bromide crystals have excellent scintillation properties, which are the best crystals found so far. However, the crystals are particularly easy to absorb moisture and have obvious anisotropy of thermal expansion coefficient, so it is particularly difficult to grow and process large size crystals. Saint-Gobain is a major supplier of large size lanthanum bromide crystals doped with cerium in the world. The large size LaBr3: CE crystals and components produced by Saint-Gobain are prohibited in China. Scintillation crystal structures, lead the team members through temperature field speed and the improvement of the process parameters such as cooling speed, solved the cerium doped lanthanum bromide cracking and moisture-proof packaging technical problems such as crystal growth, has now successfully grow crystal 2 inches in diameter, related technology applied for 2 invention patents, formulate industry standards "cerium doped lanthanum bromide scintillation crystals" 1 item. Doped cerium gadolinium gallium garnet crystal aluminum is known oxide crystals in the highest light output crystal, in the medical CT, SPECT, and high energy physics and other fields has a broad application market, the project team through the composition formula, growth atmosphere and the growth process, such as pulling method process parameters adjustment, overcome the crystal spiral growth and the technical problem such as craze, has successfully grow a diameter of 2 inches in diameter of doped cerium gadolinium gallium garnet crystal aluminum, performance reached domestic advanced level, the technical application 2 invention patents, new utility model 1 item, joint training of master 1, participate in group one standard.

Looking into the future, she has a long way to go. Haili Wang strictly demands herself with the attitude of "based on her own duty and working steadfast", constantly improves her business ability and work level, and leads the team to make her own contribution to the development of the company.