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Academic Exchange Activities of β-Ga2O3 Crystal Growth Carried Out by Crystal Institute — Hao Jianmin, Researcher of 46 Institute of CETC, was Invited to Give a Report

June 23rd, Beijing Sinoma Synthetic Crystals Co., Ltd. held an academic exchange meeting on β-Ga2O3 substrate materials. Researcher Hao Jianmin, deputy chief engineer of the 46th CETC, was invited to give an academic report on “introduction of β-Ga2O3 single crystal substrate materials”. Huang Cunxin, deputy president of the Institute, Chen Jianrong, deputy chief engineer of the Institute, and other 20 scientific researchers attended the meeting.

Researcher Hao Jianmin first introduced the basic situation and application prospect of gallium oxide single crystal, described the development process of β-Ga2O3 single crystal material in detail, analyzed and compared the growth status and technology gap of β- Ga2O3 single crystal, and finally made a further focus analysis on the challenges faced by the future development of gallium oxide materials. After that, the participants exchanged and discussed with Hao Jianmin on the growth technology, development and application of β- Ga2O3 crystal. After the meeting, the technical staff led Hao Jianmin to visit the β- Ga2O3 single crystal growth Laboratory of Crystal Institute, and had in-depth exchanges on the process control of crystal growth, current difficulties and temperature field design.

β-Ga2O3 (gallium oxide) is a new type of ultra wide band gap semiconductor material. The Eg (band gap) is about 4.8ev, and the estimated breakdown electric field strength is 8MV/cm. It is suitable for manufacturing high current density power devices, ultraviolet detectors, light-emitting diodes, etc. In addition, β-Ga2O3 single crystal can be prepared by melt method with high growth speed and low cost, which will become a strong competitor in the field of power electronics. However, β-Ga2O3 belongs to monoclinic system, which has the characteristics of high melting point, high temperature decomposition and easy cracking. Therefore, it is very difficult to prepare large-size β-Ga2O3 single crystal. Hao Jianmin, senior engineer of researcher level, deputy chief engineer of the 46th CETC. He has many years of practical experience in SiC single crystal growth, familiar with X-ray single crystal and polycrystalline diffraction theory, comprehensive knowledge and working experience in X-ray crystallography characterization of single crystal and quasi single crystal (or thin film), and familiar with the development history of wide band gap and ultra wide band gap (fourth generation) semiconductor materials. In recent years, its team has successfully grown 4-inch β-Ga2O3 crystal, which is at the leading level in China.

Figure 1. Performance comparison between β-Ga2O3 and some semiconductors

Figure 2. Growth of β-Ga2O3 single crystal by Novel crystal technology Co., Ltd.

The research and development of gallium oxide crystal of Crystal Institute started in 2019. At present, we have established 2-4 inch gallium oxide single crystal growth and processing equipment by EFG method. In the future, we will face the application fields of ultraviolet detection/LED, microwave, high frequency/high voltage/high power devices, break through the key technologies such as effective control of low dislocation density of large-size single crystal, and obtain high-quality 4 inch β- Ga2O3 “Open-box-ready” single crystal substrate has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level in technology. Adhering to the concept of open and win-win cooperation, Crystal Institute gathers talents and resources, and sincerely invites talents and institutions at home and abroad to carry out exchanges and cooperation in our institute to jointly develop third-generation semiconductor β-Ga2O3 and other intraocular lens materials and devices, so as to realize the core self-control of key crystal materials and devices, and better serve the national strategy, leading industries and society.