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Prof. Guo Liwei, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to attend academic exchange conference of AlN crystal growth in Beijing Sinona Synthetic Crystals Co., Ltd.

On July 9th, Beijing Sinona Synthetic Crystals Co., Ltd. held an academic exchange conference on the growth technologies of AlN single crystal. Prof. Guo Liwei and Dr. Hu Weijie in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences , were invited to give a wonderful academic report. Vice president Huang Cunxin, deputy chief engineer Chen Jianrong and other researchers attended the conference.

The academic conference

Prof. Guo Liwei made a presentation entitled "Status and challenges of PVT Growth of AlN single crystal growth by PVT". In the report, Prof. Guo Liwei started from  the superior performance and broad application prospects of AlN crystal materials, sharing the growth methods, the developing history, the main factors in PVT growth , the major research institutes engaged in AlN crystals and the research of her group about AlN single crystals growth. During the Conference, participants had a warm exchange and discussion on the market status quo, development prospects and other industry issues of AlN crystals. After the conference, the company researchers accompanied Prof. Guo Liwei and Dr. Hu Weijie to visit the AlN single crystal growth laboratory, and have an in-depth exchange on the design and modification of the AlN growth furnace, crucible design, temperature control, other issues and the future cooperation between the two sides.


The academic report of Prof. Guo Liwei

AlN crystal is a potential third generation semiconductor material with wide direct band gap (6.02ev), high thermal conductivity, high temperature thermal stability and high critical breakdown field strength. It has broad application prospects in ultraviolet light emitting (laser) devices, ultraviolet detectors, RF devices and high power electronic devices. However, due to the lack of large-size and high-quality seed crystals and harsh growth conditions, the growth of large-size and high-quality AlN single crystal is a great challenge at home and abroad. Guo Liwei is a Professor and doctoral supervisor of Research and Development Center for Functional Crystals in Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her researches focus on the growth of semiconductor materials (including Si, GaAs, Gan, SiC, graphene and AlN), the preparation and characterization of device structure materials, and the growth technologies of various semiconductor thin films and bulk materials, including molecular beam epitaxy, metal organic vapor epitaxy, chemical vapor deposition and high temperature physical gas deposition. She has published more than 100 research papers in important international journals, applied for more than 20 invention patents on new device structures and material preparation methods, and authorized more than 10 invention patents. In the past two years, her group is devoted to research on the growth technology and mechanism of AlN crystal materials, and has successfully synthesized 2 inch high quality AlN single crystal.


Structure, properties and single crystal of AlN material

As a high-tech enterprise transformed from a state-level scientific research institute in the industry, Beijing Sinona Synthetic Crystals Co., Ltd. is committed to build the globally influential synthetic crystal research platform, the “shuangchuang” platform and the technical service platform to solve the “bottlenecks” problems in the field of crystal materials in Beijing. Among them, the growth of large-size and high-quality AlN crystal is an important research direction.

Adhering to the concept of open and win-win cooperation, Beijing Sinona Synthetic Crystals Co., Ltd. gathers talents and resources, and sincerely invites talents and groups at home and abroad to carry out exchanges and cooperation to jointly develop the third-generation semiconductor of AlN and other synthetic materials (devices). Let's realize the core independence and control of key crystal materials and devices, and better serve the national strategy, leading industries and society.